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Welcome Swallow

Taking a well-deserved rest from dashing about our sky feeding on insects.

This welcome swallow is just one of the great flocks which try in vain to keep the mosquito and midge population down to manageable proportions.

Their mud nests under our eaves are a small price to pay for their help.

Odd Shots #5

The fish were jumping the other day.

There was a weather change coming and the insects were flying across the river.

Small fish were having a feast, leaping out of the water, snatching snacks.

I tried to catch a fish out of water but, after 300 shots (thank goodness for digital cameras) this was the nearest I got.

Just after splashdown. There he is, on the right, swimming away.

So that why this is odd – A photo of a jumping fish – without the fish!

Just Another Desert Insect

Here in the desert everything seems larger than life.

“Down South” we have what we affectionately call a “Click Beetle”. It leaps around by spring clicking its body. At around 1 cm long they are amusing little annoyances as you try to sleep. They never stay in the same place and you rarely find them after you turn the light on.

Last night I found this on my bed-sheet. No. not a cockroach. A  giant Click-Beetle

This photo shows it close on life size! What a monster! 

Yet they don’t “Boom”. They still just click.



Wandering Herbivore




Busy Bees

There is a bottlebrush shrub flowering in Buff’s garden.

Attracting lots of bees.


All looking for a sip of nectar, accidentally spreading pollen around the plant.


I’m not sure what this wasp was doing there. Maybe it was looking for a drink.


Not that all the visitors were being busy bees. Some were just lazing around in the Spring sunshine.