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The White Flowering Pine

I was walking through Bunbury the other day when I spotted this rare White-Flowered Pine.

These flowers are quite unusual in that they are free moving, sometimes leaving the tree for extended periods of time.

Sometimes they are called a “Corella” and are often mistaken for members of the parrot family.

Wandering Herbivore





This proud plant is beading up in horror. I am just about to cut its unopened flower.

I will then steam it for about 5 minutes and then crunch into its Vitamin C enriched goodness.

Home grown Broccoli for dinner tonight.


I Was Mint to Post This


Hover Fly

I have been watching this little fellow for a few days now.

Then I heard a discussion about her on my ABC radio.

Blows in from the inland on the easterly winds, lays eggs near aphids (I have some on my parsley) and the larvae eat the aphids!

She is only about 4 mm long and posed a bit of a photographic challenge because of her speed.

hover fly

Here she is resting, or egg laying, on a tomato leaf.

hover fly


Although they are rare in Perth, the Magnolias still give a colourful display.

This tree was in the Mayland’s Library Garden.


I Can’t Stop and Talk

I’m in a hurry!