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God and Hell

Reverently burgled from I Am your God

God and Life as a Christian

Devoutly burgled from I AM your God

Which Sin Will Send You To Hell?

Greed: Medium
Gluttony: Low
Wrath: Very Low
Sloth: Medium
Envy: Very Low
Lust: Medium
Pride: Very Low

Take the Seven Deadly Sins Quiz

Looks like Greed, Sloth and Lust will get me in the end.

Found on, and burgled from, Fortean Times who got it from Electro-Kevin

I’m Going To Hell

I know.

I’m evil and I am a blasphemer and I probably do indecent things to small furry creatures.

I’ve added some sexual spice
Tho you may not think I am nice
I’ve given up cows
(My New Yearly vows)
And taken up b****ring mice.

Most of which can be forgiven with suitable penances and a decade or two of bodily mortification.

I made the mistake of laughing at this. Which may include me in the never to be forgiven group of those who have sinned against the Holy Spook.

Come to think of it, there are over 2 million people who also laughed at this. Maybe I’ll get missed in the crowd.

Yep, I’m headed for Hell!  Again.

Without the hand basket.

In A Handbasket

Tired of the saccharine LOLCats?


Try something a lot more challenging.




Possibly blasphemous, possibly offensive,

possibly the funniest thing on the intertubes.

Whatever, because of this, I’m going to Hell!