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Sky Watch Friday


Perth is having its 19th consecutive day of +30C. Thirteenth night of a minimum in excess of 20C. Heading for records in both categories.

On the beach there are thousands of people trying to cool in the ocean.

Also in the ocean is danger to those people.

There are “rips” and undertows which can drag swimmers out to sea. Then there are other dangers. Dangers with teeth and very large jaws.

Volunteer members of Australian Surf Lifesaving Clubs have, for more than a century watched over Australians on the beaches. Towers have been built so that an eye can be kept on sea conditions. Sometimes a shark was spotted.

These days with swimmers moving further out to sea there is more chance of interaction with sharks.

So helicopters are now used to extend the eyes of the watchers. While the pilots are professional, the ground-based volunteers are still the same, selfless, skilled young people who spend some of their time protecting their fellow beach-goers.

So today’s Sky Watch is not so much the sky, but the watchers in the sky. At Scarborough Beach on the Perth coast.


Father Christmas Is Dangerous!

Living in a country which gets hot at this time of the year has hazards when a Jolly Red Fatman flies around the world at superphotonic speeds.

The sparks from his passage can destroy Christmas Day for so many people.

Including the firefighters.

This was the view from my balcony before lunch-time this Christmas Day. (The snow is courtesy of Matt from WordPress.)


The Maylands Golf Course had been attacked by a stray angry spark from the hoonish driving of the escapee from the North Pole. Much slower aerial performers were dropping river water on the blaze.


I don’t think he was charged with speeding, let alone arson!