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Sometimes, despite a life time of effort,  my basic geekiness breaks out like an attack of post-teenage acne.

Perhaps I need some xkcdasil to prevent further outbreaks.

Anna Nicole Smith was a Clone!

Surfing through raincoaster’s most excellent blog of useless things you never wanted to know and wonderful things you never realised you didn’t know, I was drawn to two photographs in posts about a day apart.

Bette Midler anna_nicole-party-girl1.jpg

Could it be that Anna Nicole Smith was a clone of Bette Midler? The hair, the eyes, the nose, the mouth! Oh yes, the mouth!

Perhaps her death was due, not to drugs, vomit and other nasty events, but to clonic malfunction, as with Dolly the Sheep. Surely a most excellent reason for not legalising cloning experiments on humans.