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Cyclone Marcus and Perth

One advantage of being unnecessarily ancient is that one (yes, third person reference) can remember odd events and facts.

For instance, back 4th April 1974 a very big (as in wide) cyclone named Alby strode purposefully southwards in the Indian Ocean. Its centre was some 400Km off the coast as it passed Perth’s latitude yet I remember that day for its extreme winds (maximum gust of 130Kmh in Perth City and 143Kmh in Fremantle) as I was out on the road doing delivery work. Five people in the State’s south-west did not survive the day.

Cyclone Alby has been recorded by the Weather Bureau as one of the notable cyclones on its website.


I have been watching Cyclone Marcus for the past couple of days, (ht to eldest son and family in Darwin) and found the Meteye map on the BOM site to be eerily reminiscent of Alby.

Be aware that we could be in for a late season cyclone affecting the South West. Do the necessary preparations and clean-ups just in case!

And hope that it doesn’t happen!


Addendum – overlay of Marcus-estimated on the Alby-actual track


Time To Remember

Time to remember

Unionism is not for wimps!

It is for those who care.



play well


So, I went to Fremantle to do some sightseeing on Thursday.

And I saw stuff to warm my heart!

Shop windows and busses all in Purple, flags everywhere.

This especially wonderful flag flying proudly for all to see!


And where was it?

Above the Round House, Above the historic Time Ball

Time for my team to create some history of its own!


A little local politics

Here in Western Australia we have just exercised our democratic right to vote on two issues.

carlesFirstly, who will be the representative for the electorate of Fremantle, Perth’s Port city.

The good news is that a Green’s candidate has got up and stolen the seat from the Labor Party who have held it for 85 years. Congratulations,  Adele Carles.

Secondly whether or not we, in the Western Third of the Continent, should have daylight Saving.

The bad news is that the Neanderthals in this state outnumber thinking people and we will now be three hours behind the action instead of just two. Thank you to everyone who is too lazy to change from sundials to more modern timekeeping devices. It would be easy to believe that we have been taken over by that other bastion of Luddite thought, Queensland, eh?


Anchors A Way

Fremantle, at the mouth of the Swan River was the first settlement* way back in 1829.

It has always been a maritime town and the sea and its sailors are an inescapable part of the landscape.

Over the years, as the rocks and shoals were discovered, many ships came to grief.

It does not seem out of place that along a street near the foreshore is a row of anchors which have been salvaged from some of those wrecks.

That cross piece is called the stock. While the third one along is supposed to have a bent stock for stowage reasons, the one nearest the camera was straight.

Until the storm which sank its ship.

* I will write about Albany another day.

Camera Critters #4; Dolphins

After an afternoon on the Swan River, cruising upstream from the Port of Fremantle to the Old Perth Port (aka The Barrack St Jetties) I was pleasantly weary. The free wine-tasting was  partly to blame.  So was the  darkening sky.

I perform at my best under bright sunny skies. The sky on Friday had spent all day gathering clouds. Now, close to sunset, the evening had come in earlier than expected. Everything had become dull and grey. Even the water was reflecting grey back at the sky.

As we moored, there was a sudden increase in energy from the lethargic passengers. Something had disturbed the flat surface of the Swan River.

Dolphins! Hunting. About a dozen of them.

I had difficulties with focus and sharpness. Shooting totally on the fly, using a slightly slower shutter speed because of the lack of light; those dolphins are FAST! I had to accept four reasonable images from around fifty snaps. Not a good return.

The bonus was simply being in their presence.

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