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God and Fish

God and Fish1

Burgled from I Am your God

Coral Bay 2008 #6

Coral Bay is a huge aquarium. If you don’t snorkel, there are several glass bottom or sided boats where you can view the wonders. The corals inside the reef are relatively uncoloured because they are hard corals. The highly coloured soft corals need lots of moving water out on the ocean side of the reef.

Beginning with a cabbage coral, look for the pink emperor in the sun, the flute fish, the beche de mer, and the final fish feeding when the pink emperors go berserk and show why they are commonly called “Snapper”.

The rest is silence.

Coral Bay 2008 #1

Arrived at the beach and was instantly reminded of why I had travelled north from the late autumn cold.

Nonono. I have no idea how she got in the way of that shot.

What I meant was the water and what was in it. I waded out as far as that young lady had and I saw at my feet –

Small garfish and a large Pink Emperor. With the larger fish, the “pink” refers to the color of the lips.

The tide was well and truly in. In fact, according to the locals, this was the highest tide of the year.

Where did SHE come from? I was trying to show the shoreline.

I hope this doesn’t keep happening – bikini-clad young ladies leaping into frame just as I press the button.

One major change from previous visits was the lack of the generator noise chugging away in the background.

Having always used stored solar power for its streetlights, Coral Bay has gone even greener and has replaced its $0.5 Million annual diesel bill for electricity with three wind towers situated a couple of kilometres from the townsite.

Now at 2 am you can, if you listen really hard and there is no wind blowing through the trees, hear the regular swishing of the vanes.

Odd Shots #5

The fish were jumping the other day.

There was a weather change coming and the insects were flying across the river.

Small fish were having a feast, leaping out of the water, snatching snacks.

I tried to catch a fish out of water but, after 300 shots (thank goodness for digital cameras) this was the nearest I got.

Just after splashdown. There he is, on the right, swimming away.

So that why this is odd – A photo of a jumping fish – without the fish!