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God and the Easter Bunny


Reverently burgled from God

What Does The Easter Bunny Do For The Other 364 Days?

In keeping with my new policy of disturbing the children comes the following short video.

Some may argue that it is not short enough.

I filched it from the Celluloid Blonde who is also developing disturbing tendencies.

What is Your Chocolate Easter Bunny Personality?

Two for the price of one. I looked for an Easter quiz and found two.

Your Chocolate Easter Bunny Personality

You are friendly, optimistic, and kind hearted.
You don’t have a harsh word for anyone.You cheerfully live your life with little complaining or suffering.

You are creative and artistic. You live in your own inner world.

You live your life freely, without guilt or restrictions.

And you would never feel bad about eating too much chocolate!