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My Nativity Scene

I snuck into a Dragon’s Lair
and found they have their own Nativity Scenes.

I barely escaped with my camera intact.


It could be I was not the only intruder.

(click on the image to embiggen it)

Dragon Eggs

I took a couple of hours off today.

I drove out to the local hills with my gold panning gear and, surprise, surprise, my camera.

I got a trace of colour in my few attempts at panning but I really struck gold with my camera.

There were high clouds which were fun to capture, hills in silhouette against the smudged sky all followed by a spectacular sunset.

Best of all, I found a clutch of dragon’s eggs.


I believe the rule is that I must now care for these eggs and, should i do a good job of caring for them,  I will live until they hatch.

Does anyone know what I need to do to look after these little ones?

Photo Hunt #104; Glass

This was again an interesting challenge. We often photograph through glass, sometimes we use a reflection on glass but I had nothing in my collection which was satisfying. So I found another source of Glass.

I have quite a collection of dragons. Most of them are regulation dragons, of pewter or gold or stone. Amongst them are three glass dragons.

These first two are laser-created inside glass blocks. Very hard to photograph because the glass keeps attracting any dust in the air.

This is my pugilistic glass dragon. Floats like a butterfly, stings like a bee. Hark, I hear the bell for round one. He is ready for a dust-up!

pugilistic dragon

This is my stary starry glass dragon who has quite a hoard but is always looking for more gems to steal from any unwary dwarves.

stary starry dragon

Lastly, here is my sinuous Eastern dragon. He is a white dragon cut into the surface of a glass block. The White Dragon [Bailong 白龍] aids spirits and virtuous kings. This is a virtuous, vitreous White Dragon.

And while I may sometimes be virtuous, I am never royalty.

sinuous Chinese dragon

Your God Delusion

I found this quiz in the Casa Az.

A source of much unexpected knowledge and wisdom.

While I scored 0, I was much impressed by the perception of the person who posted this to You Tube.

He wrote in his description of the video, A STUPID video that I found — a quiz that supposedly measures how deluded by religion you are. I’m glad this hateful moron won’t be spending the next trillion years in heaven with Jesus and me!

I am so undeluded that I am going back to writing the true history of dragons – – –

A New Page on My Blog

A little over a year ago I posted a limerick novel in four parts.

The Ballad of Daffyd and Sir Ffrank.

I have been looking at putting all the “Perth’s Past” postings onto a page in this blog and I suddenly realised I had neglected to do this with the Tale of Daffyd.

So now I have. At the top of the archive there is now a tab bearing the inscription “Daffyd and Sir Ffrank”

There may be one or two new readers who will find some enjoyment in reading a fairy dragon tale.