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Camera Critters #6; More Dolphins

Yesterday was spent cruising the Swan River.

The forecasted high winds did not eventuate and it was a pleasant day spent with friends.

We were honoured by some special visitors who decided to play around the boat for a while.

I know I posted some dolphins a couple of weeks ago in cloudy, dull conditions. These were in sunshine and even closer so I feel they deserved a viewing here in Camera Critters. Katney has a list of more Camera Critter Bloggers.

Camera Critters #4; Dolphins

After an afternoon on the Swan River, cruising upstream from the Port of Fremantle to the Old Perth Port (aka The Barrack St Jetties) I was pleasantly weary. The free wine-tasting was  partly to blame.  So was the  darkening sky.

I perform at my best under bright sunny skies. The sky on Friday had spent all day gathering clouds. Now, close to sunset, the evening had come in earlier than expected. Everything had become dull and grey. Even the water was reflecting grey back at the sky.

As we moored, there was a sudden increase in energy from the lethargic passengers. Something had disturbed the flat surface of the Swan River.

Dolphins! Hunting. About a dozen of them.

I had difficulties with focus and sharpness. Shooting totally on the fly, using a slightly slower shutter speed because of the lack of light; those dolphins are FAST! I had to accept four reasonable images from around fifty snaps. Not a good return.

The bonus was simply being in their presence.

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