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Book Review; Sign of the Cross, Chris Kuzneski

Yet another tale in the Dan Brown “Da Vinci” style. The biggest threat to Christianity in its history, yet another villain with unbelievable motives, particularly gruesome murders and innocents abroad. Oh yes, and two heroes who save the day. No wonder Clive Cussler said nice things about the novel.

Longish at 600 pages this is still readable, if only because the temptation to find out the “Why” is almost irresistible. The writing is competent and the plotting is meticulous yet there is an ultimate dissatisfication with the over all effect. The uninspired work of Dan Brown has a lot to answer for!

Should you be an un-repentant Dan Brown fan or a dedicated follower of Dirk Pitt, this is an excellent read. The testosterone is poured onto every page.