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The Big Lie

Pollylim; Tony Abbott

Who Is Lying Now?

Tony Abbott, Leader of Her Majesty’s Loyal Opposition in Australia, has a strange attachment to the truth.

Basically, if it is written down and carefully crafted, you can believe his statements. If they are off the cuff or written but not carefully crafted, then they could well be lies have an accidental divergence from the truth.

So, when he said, in December 2009,  that “he had dismissed the science underpinning climate change as ‘crap‘”, while on the run and exhausted, it could be that he was diverging from the truth.

By August 17th, 2010, Tony Abbott was on Four Corners saying “I accept that climate change is real. I think government needs to do, ah to take meaningful measures ah, to combat it“. This was just before the Federal Election of 21st Aug, 2010.

A complete turn around and not a written statement in sight. So, by Tony’s own admission, we cannot believe that either position represents his true beliefs.

On the other side, on the Government benches of the House of Representatives is the Prime Minister, Julia Gillard who dares to be a woman, who does not have a basso profundo voice, who does not have an anorexic body and who dares to wear white jackets. All of these factors drive the right wing members of  the Australian public into a white hot rage.

And amongst her manifold faults is that she went to the election saying that she ruled out a Carbon Tax.

On Aug 20th, 2010, the day before the election, Julia Gillard said to The Australian, “I don’t rule out the possibility of legislating a Carbon Pollution Reduction Scheme, a market-based mechanism. I rule out a carbon tax.”

So, prior to the 2010 Federal Election, both leaders had said the there would be costs put on carbon usage.

On Feb 25th, 2011 a multi-party climate change committee of the Australian Government released a joint statement which said, in part,  that, “This document contains a proposed carbon price mechanism that has been discussed by members of the Multi-Party Climate Change Committee (MPCCC). The proposal has been agreed by the Government and Greens members of the Committee. Mr Windsor and Mr Oakeshott have agreed that the proposal be released to enable consideration by the community and to demonstrate the progress that has been made.”The same document also stated, quite clearly, “Further detailed discussions will be required in relation a starting price for the carbon price mechanism, and in relation to the associated assistance arrangements for households, communities and industry, and support for low emissions technology and innovation.” 

The Prime Minister explained that a fixed-price period, for an interim three to five years, would effectively operate as a carbon tax. “A carbon tax is where you fix price,” Ms Gillard said. “An emissions trading scheme is where you fix quantity and allow the market to sort out price … that’s what I wanted to do.“So now, the Prime Minister is being called a liar. For bringing in a fixed price for carbon for a period of three to five years, while a SPRS is gradually developed. Which is what the vacillating Leader of the Opposition wants to do.

Although I haven’t seen that written down anywhere.

STOP PRESS: Tony Abbott has announced a campaign of Thruthiness!

In later breaking news the LWU (Language Wonks Union) has announced a boycott of Tony Abbott.