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Good Foods

Red grapes and dark chocolate join blueberries, garlic, soy, and teas as ingredients that starve cancer while feeding bodies, Angiogenesis Foundation head William Li told a TED (technology, entertainment design) conference in Long Beach, California. “We are rating foods based on their cancer-fighting qualities,” Mr Li said.  “What we eat is really our chemotherapy three times a day.”

The Massachusetts-based foundation is identifying foods containing chemicals that evidently choke off blood supplies to tumours, starving them to death.

Mr Li cited a Harvard Medical School study showing that men who ate cooked tomatoes several times weekly were 30 to 50 per cent less likely to have prostate cancer. “There is a medical revolution happening all around us,” Mr Li said. “If we’re right, it could impact on consumer education, food service, public health, and even insurance agencies.”

About a dozen drugs are already in use to deprive tumors of blood supplies in a treatment tactic called “anti-angiogenesis”. The foundation pitted some foods against approved drugs and found that soy, parsley, red grapes, berries and other foods were either as effective or more potent in battling cancer cells.

Eaten together, the foods were even more effective in fighting cancer. “We discovered that mother nature laced a large number of foods and herbs with anti-angiogenesis features,” Mr Li said. “For many people around the world, dietary cancer treatment may be the only solution because not everyone can afford cancer drugs.”

The foundation also discovered that anti-angiogenesis properties of foods melt away fat, which relies heavily on blood flow to sustain itself. Tests showed that mice genetically prone to be chubby could be trimmed to average mouse size using the approach.


Take the time to watch this. It may save the life of your children.

Yes, I have had some health problems lately. Yes, they are mostly diet caused. Yes I am tackling them, partly through changing my diet

Frazer Update

Some of the readers of the archive will remember that a grandson offered to have his bright red locks shorn in aid of the Leukaemia Foundation in “The World’s Greatest Shave”.

Some of you were generous enough to offer him some support and encouragement.

With the intervention of Easter, there has been a delay in getting hold of these photos.

Frazer’s shave took place at his school.

Here it begins. Eighteen months of dedicated hair growth about to bite the dust.


The awful truth suddenly strikes him.


And siblings are not much help either.


In setting out to raise $1,000, Frazer managed to exceed what seemed to be an impossible dream. He is overwhelmed that his final total was over $3,000 – all raised for the Leukaemia Foundation!

Due partly to the generosity of the readers of the archive.

Frazer thanks each and every one of you for your support and encouragement.

Now we have to wait and see just how that new head of hair will grow out 🙂

Serious Post

Let me turn serious for a single post.

No, I’m not going to rant or carry on the way I sometimes do.

I’m going to talk about a grandson.  All grandchildren are special, yet sometimes one does something extra.

Just over a year ago, Frazer lost his mother. My son lost his wife and I lost a daughter-in-law.   To the dreaded “Big C!”

Twelve year old Fraser has decided to do something about it. 

Each year Australia runs  ‘The World’s Greatest Shave”. A fund-raiser for the Leukaemia Foundation . A stand in solidarity for those, mainly young, people who have to suffer hair loss along with their chemo. Thousands of people across Australia have their heads shaved.

Frazer has the wildest head of red hair you have ever seen. He is looking for sponsors so that he can raise a thousand dollars for having his hair shaved off. A thousand dollars for the Leukaemia Foundation. A thousand dollars to inflict a bald Fraser on the world.

Yes,  I’m asking my friends here in the blogipelago to make a donation to Fraser’s effort. Yes, there is an official website where people can make donations to specific people. And yes, all the money goes to the Leukaemia Foundation. There are no administration costs in this fund-raiser. Everyone, the shavees, the shavers, the media; all donate their time and efforts for free.

The BIG SHAVE is just a week away, so should you choose to help, please don’t delay.