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Senile Delinquent

A 71-year-old British pensioner has been fined more than $4,000 for rollerblading through a town square.

Geoff Dornan was caught on closed-circuit television rollerblading through the main street in Ormskirk, Lancashire.

The local council told the court that his skating was a nuisance and a danger to the public.

In his defence, the pensioner said he took up rollerblading seven years ago as a way of keeping fit.

He insisted that he always gave right of way to pedestrians.

But he was found guilty of contravening a by-law that forbids skating in the main street and was fined and ordered to pay costs worth $4,700.

This could well appear in the BBC Quiz this week, so take the time to remember the details.

Another BBC Quiz

Here is another quiz published by the BBC.

I scored 3/7.

Not that there will be any score keeping with this one.

Have a go, just for fun.

BBC Quiz of the Week

A week is such a short time when you are having fun.

Often we forget to look at the wider world and so we have no idea how other people have been entertaining themselves.

So did you spare enough time this week to be able to score a few points on the BBC Quiz of the Week

I scored 5/7 so I think I am free of the dreaded dunces cap for another seven days.

I know there are a lot of lurkers out there who have a go at this quiz and never report their results. Why not break with tradition this week and make a comment?

Week Ended.    lowest score  Dunce’s Hat winner

25th April          1 correct     Alabaster Crippens
18th April          4 correct     puddock/ archie
12th April          DNF             Daddy P
4th April            3 correct      Daddy P
28th Mar            1 correct      nursemyra
21st Mar            3 correct      Dorid
14th Mar            1 Correct     Buff
7th Mar              2 Correct     Dorid/Daddy P
29th Feb            1 correct      Dragonstar
22nd Feb           3 Correct      archie/azahar/nursemyra
15th Feb            1 correct      Cybe R Wizard

BBC Quiz of the Week

It is again time to test your knowledge of the happenings in this diverse world.

BBC Weekly World News Quiz.

I have made a comeback from Dunces Corner and scored 7/7!


How did you fare?

BBC Quiz of the Week

Yep, it is time again for the BBC World News Quiz of the week.

I got myself six correct answers.

Despite not reading a lot of news over the past couple of days.