First written in 2010, and repeated several times since,

Perhaps it is just age, perhaps it is a souciant cynicism or perhaps I am reading the signs aright.

For much of Homo Sapiens’ existence, the species has not had liberty. Economically the early families and tribes could not afford it. Then the tribes and the nations had to band under a leader for protection against other tribes and nations. The leaders varied in their character but the most successful were always ruthless.

Then, about 300 years ago, an idea appeared. Based upon a failed experiment in ancient Greece a new system of governance was attempted. Democracy.

And it seemed to work. At least the leaders were accountable at regular intervals. Accountable to the general populace.

Or were they? Or has the real leadership gone into hiding and is now playing with the elected leadership as puppeteers play with their toys? Feeding them three word slogans instead of policies for the good of the people.

Liberty has been a short-lived heroine. She is dying today, as she did in ancient Greece. To find the killers, follow the money and the influence.

Yes, Rupert Murdoch. I am looking at you!

You and your masters!


Sid and Sod #859




After the Unlosable Election

Weave and Spin

The nation has shut down
It’s the only home I’ve known
Tell me where will I go?
Tell me where will I go?

And the only sound I hear
Is the sound of the wind
As it blows through the land
Starve on Newstart,
Starve on Newstart.

For the Nation has shut down
And it’s never coming back.

Self-fulfilling Apathy

Sitting, watching the Anthony Green show, recovering from the visceral shock my system has just suffered. A shock, no doubt shared by many others in my country.

First reflections are that many people only show an interest in politics when they can be rewarded with a democracy sausage.  And even while chewing on that snag, they will be saying, ‘Well it doesn’t matter, all politicians are the same. They are only in it for themselves.’

Of course the politicians who get elected are only in it for themselves. That is because most Australians would prefer to whinge about what the Government does rather than improve that Government.

When their wages stay stagnant they blame the Government they elected rather than recognising that THEY THEMSELVES had the power to make a change.

When the Climate changes irreversibly, they will blame the Government THEY THEMSELVES elected rather than accept responsibility for their own actions.

As political corruption increases they will blame the Government THEY THEMSELVES elected rather that take responsibility for their own actions.

As more and more jobs disappear they will blame the Government never recognising that THEY THEMSELVES could have saved those jobs.

As occupational deaths increase they will blame the Unions for doing nothing, never recognising that THEY THEMSELVES could have saved those lives.

They, those who claim all politicians are the same, all had the power in their hands, along with that electoral pencil between their fingers.

Until Australians choose to take responsibility for their own actions, for the effect of their own vote, Australia will continue to be ruled by the uncaring politicians we all recognise and complain about.

Australia will become a lesser nation.


Sid and Sod #858