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What Beautiful Country Should You Visit?

You Should Visit New Zealand

You have an adventurous spirit, and you never shy away from a challenge – even when traveling.

You feel at peace when you are outdoors. You are a big believer in a “natural high”.

You are the type of person who is constantly on the move. You crave new places, new activities, and new inspiration.

You like to chart your course and see where your journey takes you. You usually end up in the coolest places.

What Essential Oil Are You?

Strangely, I have been drinking Chamomile Tea of late.

You Are Chamomile Oil

You are a calm and content person, although it may not come naturally to you.You have done the work to find your inner peace, and it shows. You put others at ease.

While you are easygoing, you aren’t too laid back. You have a spark of energy and inspiration that you carry with you in life.

You try to roll with whatever happens in life. You find your ease and comfort wherever you can.

What Color M&M Are You?

You Are a Yellow M&M

You are a mystery to those around you. You’re happy-go-lucky but also quietly enigmatic.

You live in a very individualistic way. You’re doing what you love, and that varies from day to day.

You are very self-aware and introspective. You know who you are, and you’re good with that.

You have an ironic view of life. You can be both serious and funny at the same time.

What Type of Soda Are You?

You Are Orange Soda

You are a friendly, happy, and bubbly personality. You are still a kid at heart, and you approach life with openness.

You love to have fun, and you see each day as an adventure. You can’t get too down when there are so many possibilities in the world.

You are bright and mentally sharp. You always see the world in vivid colors and experience emotions strongly.

You are a bit of a wild child and you never take the normal path in life. You’re always looking for something a little more zany!

Should You Take a Coffee or Tea Break?

Well, YEAH! Of course!

You Should Take a Coffee Break

You are a real go-getter, and you could always use a little jolt of energy. And you often go for the caffeinated kind.You may not be the type of person who is always on, but when you’re on, that’s it. You have a lot of inspiration all at once.

You are a very productive person, and you are always open to new ideas. You love to collaborate with smart people.

You are the type of person who is sometimes reluctant to take a break. However, you’re almost always glad you did!

What Should You Do On a Rainy Day?

You Should Walk in the Rain

When it comes to rain, you are firmly in the minority. You think rain is the best!

You believe that a little rain never hurt anyone, and you never mind getting wet.

In fact, going outside in the rain is one of your favorite things ever. You feel like the whole world belongs to you.

You don’t let rain ruin your plans. If anything, rain allows you to make better plans.

What Kind of Rock Should You Play?


You Should Play Hard Rock

You are an intense person, and sometimes your animal instincts just take over. You have a lot of energy and emotion.You are a wild child, but you aren’t as crazy as you seem. There is a lot of method to your madness, and you practice like crazy.

You are somewhat fated to be misunderstood by many in this world, and the people who get you become friends for life.

You may seem a bit aggressive at times, but you’re just working through things. You aren’t as intimidating as you seem!