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A Bit of Perth

On the Northern side of Hyde Park there are several formal gardens.

A little run down at the moment because of the watering restrictions everyone has to live with.

A Bit of Perth

A small piece of public art showing some of the pastimes pursued in Hyde Park over the decades.

A Bit of Perth

Imported to Western Australia from the South of England, artist Tim Sewell can see a touch of Paris in the dappled green treescape of Hyde Park.

A Bit of Perth

Hyde Park is dominated by trees.

Taking a walk around the lakes, much of your time is spent in green shade.

The aged trunks each making a statement of permanence and demanding its own personal space. There are times when this Europeanised part of Australia exudes an ancientness where dryads lurk just out of sight and Druids are chanting, just out of earshot.

Sky Watch Friday


Perth skies have been a bit “blah” lately so this week I decided to add in something which is very grounded.

On the foreshore of Cottesloe Beach is this piece of human imagination called “Roundabout”.

The clouds behind the sculpture were holding in 36C of heat and 75% humidity.

Not a comfortable day.

A Bit of Perth

Hyde Park is one of the older parks in Perth. Obviously named after the slightly better known and probably greener Park in London, this was originally known as Third Swamp.

Developed and landscaped in 1897, it was renamed Hyde Park in 1899.

The archive will spend about a week exploring this interesting Bit of Perth.

A Bit of Perth

Just a small shopping centre. Harmless. Opposite Observation City, the tallest blot on the Coastal skyline.

Yet 50 years ago, things were very different.

This was the notorious Snake Pit of Scarborough; haunt of Bodgies and Widgies.