Street Art

Public2015 has been in full swing.

42 walls, over 50 artists.

I caught one artist working away in Fremantle.

I’ll be posting as many of the finished products as I can find.

street art 19

Street Art

In a little lane-way off Hay Street in the middle of the Perth CBD

street art 08

Street Art

In a little car park, off a little side street in Bunbury.

Streetart 06

Street Art

An unusual facade in a back street of Bunbury.

Streetart 01

Street Art

More from a Bunbury car park

street art 28

Street Art

In a car park in Bunbury.


street art 25

Street Art

The back of the old Nunnery in Wittenoom St, Bunbury.

Appropriate as it is now an Art Gallery.

street art22


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