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Street Art

Sadly some street art is obscured by its surroundings.
This is in Fremantle.

On the old Myers Building.

street art 04

Street Art

I couldn’t find a lot of Street Art in Midland until I spotted this wall in front of a potential building site.

It went on and on and on and on and on – – –

street art 01

Street Art

I found an artist working on a wall in Fremantle back in April.

I finally got back there to see the final product.

street art 28

Street Art

The second of that set of four small images painted in Murray Street.

street art 20

Street Art

One of four smallish offerings on a Frontage in Murray Street at the western end of the CBD

street art 17

Street Art

On Loftus Street just West of William Street.

Outside a tavern.

street art 13

Street Art

Again, in Loftus Street just North of the CBD in Perth.

street art 10