Street Art

A little one, close to the ground.

On Beaufort Street near Newcastle Street

I love the use of white to make it seem almost neonish.

street art 22

Street Art

Another example of the Leederville Public2015 street art project.

street art 13

Street Art

More from Leederville Public2015

street art 10

Street Art

Part of my “Leederville Public2015″ series

Those artists did a wonderful job.

street art 06

Street Art

Part of the wonderful “Public2015″ wall art event.

On the wall of the Luna Cinema, Leederville.

street art 03

Street Art

A laneway in the Perth CBD

street art 29

Street Art

Public2015 has been in full swing.

42 walls, over 50 artists.

I caught one artist working away in Fremantle.

I’ll be posting as many of the finished products as I can find.

street art 19


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