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Street Art

In Lindsay St, off Beaufort St.

Street Art 26

Street Art

More from Beaufort Street

street art 23

Street Art

On Beaufort St

Street Art 19

Street Art

On the corner of Harold and Beaufort Streets

someone went ballistic with the paint cans.

street art 05

Street Art

In Beaufort Street I found a whole new world of Street Art.

street art 02

Street Art

Found in Wolf lane in the Perth CBD

street art 31

City Sunset

After a clear blue day some whispery clouds had blown in

There was just a little sunset red left above the city skyline.

Tall buildings were beginning to show their night-time finery,

Replacing the waving eucalyptic green of the trees.

The busy road traffic was tiring and outside the frame

The river ripples, reflecting the evening’s new darkness.

Moonrise is hours away and the stars are too far.

An Earth-bound firmament will suffice

To show me my city for the next few hours.

City Sunset