(literally, “the study of hidden animals”)

refers to the search  for and documentation of animals which are considered to be legendary or otherwise nonexistent by mainstream biology.

Many of these animals are, at the least,

endangered species

From Australia

Drop Bear
drop bear


The Desert Shark

From Canada

Tree Octopus

World Wide


The Long Horse

The Monkeyfish

15 responses to “Crypto’s

  1. Hi Archie! Tried to copy your dragon banner into my blog but failed. 😦

    I put the text into a text widget, but it shows up blank. Any ideas?


  2. Hiya Dragonqueen – I uploaded the image to my wordpress file (right click on the image and “save as” to your own computer first) then clicked “edit” and found its URL then put that into the HTML in place of the original URL from the other person. If this doesn’t work please email me. I may need to put these instructions in the “Endangered Species” page. It needs updating to include the “Long Donkey”


  3. Dear Blogger
    We read often and with interest your posts. It is important that people like you try and protect our animals. Sad to know that we lose so many rare species every day.
    But unfortunately I must report that with all your research you have missed one animal.
    This little critter from the Northern Territory, Australia is almost gone.
    Today we ask you for your support to save it; please read our article:


  4. wickedwitchofwesttexas



  5. where’s the Long Horse?


  6. dorid, it has been a while since I updated this page. I also need to add the longdonkey and I have heard vague rumours of a sighting of a longcamel!


  7. You said:
    I have heard vague rumours of a sighting of a longcamel!

    Yes, I have a whole pack of them. But I’m trying to quit.


  8. Cybe, [smack!] Very naughty! Care to post a verifiable photograph?


  9. Cybe, does it come fully odoured or extinct?


  10. Ærchie, I don’t know and, try as I might, I can’t find its toe, either.


  11. Cybe, that may be just as well. We do not discuss dromedarian pedal extremities in this blog. Whale tails, however – – –


  12. I think you’re totally mad! Can I collect the endangered dragon, please?

    Yes, I am totally insane – and yes, you may collect him 🙂


  13. Will be adding these to my blog tonight. We must save these endangered animals!!! Save the dragons!!!


  14. You forgot the Gummy Bear from The Sweet Shop- I’m eating them madly! xxx -Pamela-


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