The Heat Death of Humanity

There are many claims being made about the Climate Change Horrors which await the Planet Earth.

Most are false.

Regardless of how hot the atmosphere becomes the Planet will continue to orbit Sol.

The seas and the continents will continue to dot the surface of the planet. The coastlines may look different but there will still be continents. Probably fewer islands, though.

Earthquakes will continue to shake the ground. Vocanoes will continue to erupt. Hurricanes and droughts will continue.

Many species of animals, plants and fungi will continue their lineages. Some because they live in the oceans and some because they are very adaptable. Yet that word ‘many’ is a problem. Tens of thousands are ‘many’ yet fade into insignificance compared with the hundreds of millions which are currenly co-tenants on our shared planet.

What IS true is that the Earth will become extremely unfriendly for poor old Homo Sap who caused all the perceived problems. It was Henry Louis Le Chatelier (1850-1936) who enunciated his famous principle which can be restated as ‘Any change in status quo prompts an opposing reaction in the responding system.’

As a species we are going to run into some major difficulties as the Earth’s biosphere attempts to remove that which is causing major changes.

Our living places will be inundated by rising sea levels and billions of people will have to move or drown. The majority of our farming and crop lands will also be affected by sea water leaving many humans to starve. Our infrastructure will be largely destroyed. No power, no internet, no mass transport because they all require many different skills which will be lost in the vast people relocations.

And yet all may not be lost.

Some humans already live in highlands which will be out of reach of the rising oceans. They are able to grow crops and raise food animals. With the changing climate, they may need to change their crops yet that is a fairly small price to pay for survival.

These survival pockets will not go unnoticed and many who want to survive and have their descendants survive will try to take these increasingly valuable refuges from the current occupants.

So not only will ‘Nature’ try to remove humanity from the planet, so will humanity itself in its ages-old habit of warring on fellow humans.

Of course, once industrialism has been destroyed by the events unleashed by that very industrialism, then the Earth will almost certainly begin cooling and reverting to the world we knew in our youth. It will only take around one to two thousand years.

Just 40 or 80 generations of our descendants.

Assuming there are enough people left to create those extra generations after earthquakes, storms, wars and plagues.

Yes, plagues. Medicine will be one of those industrial skills which will be lost!

Probably, we are witnessing the beginning of the Heat Death of Humanity!

One response to “The Heat Death of Humanity

  1. A very dismal end for humanity it seems – I’m thankful I won’t be there! … unless the new generations rise up and bring major changes.
    In the meantime I’ll continue to hang out with XRWAGPs! (Extinction Rebellion WA Grandparents affinity group) 🙂


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