The Dutton Hypocrisy

Child-care impresario, part time Opposition Leader and full time hypocritical racist Peter Dutton has had his say on the passing of Georgie Porgie who made all the boys run away.

Dutton worked in the Sex Offenders squad in the Queensland Police Force. Then through his time as Minister of (for?) Home Affairs he made announcements regarding boosting protection for children but actually did nothing substantial to help. Suddenly, as part time Leader of the Opposition, he has called for a Royal Commission into Child Abuse; something he himself could have done as a Minister.

Then, possibly on one of his many RDO’s from his Taxpayer Job, he opined that ‘He may be open to supporting a referendum on a First Nations Voice to parliament, but he wants “the symbolic … to be accompanied by practical responses”. He wants a Voice to “reduce the incidence of child abuse within those communities” and to improve education, employment and “many other indicators”’.

And so he has been in and around the problem of child abuse for many years. He has spent much of his political life making purposeless motherhood statements about the evils of child abuse.

One would begin to think he must be opposed to the perpetrators of this evil.

Then we are treated to his eulogy on Cardinal Pell! On his Electorate website no less! His hypocrisy suddenly springs fully erect from his personal words!

Leader of the Opposition – Statement – Passing of Cardinal George Pell DD AC

Should he continue to be entrusted with the care of our Nation’s children?

3 responses to “The Dutton Hypocrisy

  1. I have no words for how thoroughly disgusted I have long been about Pell and Dutton separately. This is not the first intersection of their grotesquerie, but it’s the worst, particularly because it’s solely performative.  Also, you have a beautiful way with words, even (or especially) when describing the execrable. 


    • Hi Tara, long time no talk. Thank you for your kind words. It was Dutton’s eulogistic memorial for the Ballarat Beast which sparked my anger! The words just flowed :). I must find a way to use execrable in a post soon 🙂

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  2. 🙂 Execrable

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