Liars, Criminals, Profiteers and Perverts

The great commentator from the Middle Ages, where politics was a blood sport, Niccolo Machiavelli wrote in his book of advice for prospective rulers, ‘The Prince’; “The first method for estimating the intelligence of a ruler is to look at the men he has around him.”

Words we should look at very closely in this advanced year of 2022. Advanced in numbers but not in ethics.

This past half-decade has been anything but edifying for Democracy and the Western, English-speaking world.

The USA, Great Britain and Australia have all fallen under the sway of dictatorial leaders who, while they enjoyed popular support at the beginning, were found to be completely unsuitable for the positions they held.

Let us begin with the USA. A nation which prides itself on being the leader of the Democratic world.

The promotion and election of Donald Trump was masterfully done by the right wing Republican media.

The quality of the people he surrounded himself with was worrying at the beginning and down-right terrifying by the end of his term. Liars, criminals, profiteers and perverts proliferated in his administration. So much so that the end of the Trump era was seen as a catastrophe by not only by those around him but by Trump himself. He had painted himself into such a guilty corner that he preferred to destroy the democracy of the USA to being replaced.

And the election loss in 2020 has still not been accepted by the Right Wing Media!

Then there was Australia.

The Right-Wing Media paved the way for the promotion of a self-promoted marketing genius into the top job in Australia very carefully ignored the fact that he had been sacked from every job he had held prior to entering politics. He surrounded himself with liars, criminals, profiteers and perverts who proliferated in his Cabinet and we saw the poison seep down to those who working in close proximity to those who led the Nation for their own benefit!

The election loss in 2022 has not yet been fully accepted by the Right Wing Media and the planning for the return of their favoured party is already underway, despite the obvious lack of ability in the ranks.

And now Great Britain.

The Right Wing Media found a buffoon to promote into the Tory Leadership. One who was known to be unstable and unpredictable but who, once in power, surrounded himself with liars, criminals, profiteers and perverts. Sadly, the very basis of Great Britain’s wealth had just been destroyed by a few people in power who saw a personal profit in that destruction. A stupid plan and it ended with a stupid leader coming into power.

Now, with his political demise, the Right Wing Media has gone into meltdown!

Three leaders with disturbingly common characteristics.

What is the common denominator in their rise to power? Perhaps it comes down to one person.

Rupert Murdoch.

Owner of the media and setter of the agenda in each of the three major English speaking countries. (Canada is safe from Murdoch as many of its citizens speak French!). Machiavelli also said; ‘Men are so simple and so much inclined to obey immediate needs that a deceiver will never lack victims for his deceptions.’ This has been the dictum for all those who use advertising to promote their cause. And Rupert Murdoch is a past master of this arcane art.

Hidden in the background, barely noticed even by the gossip mongers, perhaps it is time we applied Machiavelli’s first dictum to him. He chose each of those three leaders! The first method for estimating the intelligence (character) of a ruler is to look at the men he has around him.

Trump and Morrison and Johnson.

Liars, criminals, profiteers and perverts!

Are there any true investigative reporters out there willing to ruin their careers by doing an honest expose on the Murdoch family? Would such an investigation reveal that the instigator of these three democracy destroying evil minions is himself a liar, a criminal, a profiteer and a pervert?

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  1. LOL, I like the choice of pictures!


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