Explosive, but Profitable Energy

Newly minted Opposition Leader, the kind, gentle and honest Peter Potat –  errr – Dutton, has solved the East Coast Energy Crisis which was evilly created by that caring socialist person Albo in his first week as Prime Minister.

Such a simple solution and it is so obvious.

Forget the Coal and Gas Lobbies which have greased (non-renewably) the Coalition pockets for a decade and switch to Nukular Energy. Such a sensible way forward. Overcome the energy cost crisis by implementing the most expensive form of energy on the planet.

We have been told for more than a decade that renewables are totally unreliable and coal is the answer to everything (one wonders how 42 comes in to the equation) because the sun doesn’t shine at night and the wind doesn’t always blow. Now it turns out this present emergency has been caused by coal fired power stations needing repair due to unreliability.

So there seems to be a major shift in lobby loyalty. I was told, early in my amateur investigative days, to always follow the money. I have attempted to do so yet always find it flying out of my pockets faster that I can refill them.

So I am now wondering if the Coalition ranks have stopped accepting payments in blackened bundles of brown paper coal bags and have begun accepting Iridescent Income, glowing with healthy radiation and just a few alpha rays.

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