The Seven Year Election Campaign

Scott Morrison is often said to have done nothing through his reign as PM, yet that is simplistic.

He may have done little to benefit the Nation yet he DID do one very important thing.

From the day he was elected the lead his party, he concentrated on being re-elected.

And he taught his followers well!

So we Aussies have had a year of electioneering leading up to the 2019 election and since then we have had three years of electioneering.

FOUR YEARS of Electioneering without a break.

From Ballet School where looking ridiculous is a minor matter as long as the photo is used by the press.

All quite believable if you ignore the tummy flattening corset which is apparent in the second pic.

To welding school where he remembered the most important thing about electioneering. Get your face into the pics. Even if it means losing a part of your eyesight!

Now that the Morrison party has been thrown into opposition by a weary electorate, Morrison’s successors have immediately moved into doing the only thing they can remember from his time as electioneer-in-chief.

They have gone straight back into election mode.

The landmines left by the previous – umm – let’s call it a Government for the sake of non-libellous conversation – incumbents of the Treasury benches are exploding a little early.

So listening to the ‘New’ opposition, it sounds as though the election was a year ago and all this economic debt and deficit has been under a long ALP regime.

Watching, listening and reading of the pronouncements of the new shadow ministers, nothing that happened under the LNP can possibly have any effect on the current situation.

With absolutely straight faces they gaslight the electorate with the multiple weaknesses of the long-term Ablo Government and completely ignore any accidental questions about the NINE YEARS of LNP incompetence we all can now forget about because it never happened and anything you think you remember will soon be washed away in our new reality.

And so the situation is again completely normal.

It is all Labor’s fault

One response to “The Seven Year Election Campaign

  1. vallerian20001

    It never ends. Well maybe the pretend photo ops might 🙂


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