Unemployment in Australia

Much is being spoken about the sudden drop in the ‘post’-COVID unemployment figures. Our Treasurer (who famously lost $60 Billion in his trademarked ‘Jobkeeper’ scheme) is boasting of the fact that unemployment numbers are about to have a 3 in front of them.

The disappearance of around a million or more ‘457 Visa’ Workers and Overseas Students and all those Backpackers is never mentioned. They were, and will be again, the scabs who destroy Australian workers’ wages and conditions. It was those people who kept Australians out of jobs, who removed the need to upskill the Australian population and who enabled greedy employers to keep wages artificially low.

That imported scab labour is what forces so many Australians onto the mis-named ‘Job Seeker’ and into searching for jobs which have been taken by imported scabs. Not that I blame those people. It is the fault of greedy capitalists who have taken Gina Rinehart’s idea to heart. ‘In Africa workers are happy to work for $2 an hour!’

Now all of that is being touted by our numerately challenged Treasurer as a huge plus. This Government, in its pre-election orgasms, is boasting of its economic skills. We are seeing the beginnings of an apparent increase in wages which will disappear as soon as normality is resumed. That normality will be with us when the Covid restrictions on international travel disappear. And unemployment will again go back above 5%! And, with immigration about to be resumed, it will be yet another landmine left behind for the widely expected ALP Government after the election.

What will not disappear is the Trillion Dollar national debt which this genius Government has given us! Never mentioned and totally ignored is that $40,000 debt each one of us; babes in arms, school children, workers and retirees have been saddled with.

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