How to Waste a War Chest

Our esteemed Prime Minister (Scott Morrison) has been spending his $16B election war chest:

$65M to send “an Australian into space”

$86M to create more plantation tree monocultures for the pulp mills.

$50M for the Koala with not one dollar to actually stopping clear felling habitat.

$804.3M for our Antarctica territory including $7.4M to help understand why the ice is melting & seas are rising🤦‍♀️,

$2B in defence contracts with South Korea to build tanks & howitzers – they are to protect our borders or in case we have a civil war.

$678M to seal another 1,000 km of a 2,720km road in the Northern Territory with no full analysis of the issues involved.

$2.6B to complete final stage of 78 kilometres of non-stop Adelaide motorway. Of course, there is a LNP Premier facing a threat at the polling booths.

$2.2B to focus the commercialisation of the six national manufacturing priority areas – resources and critical minerals, food and beverage, medical products, recycling and clean energy, defence and space. This is his carefully named and announced ‘Australia’s Economic Accelerator’. WTF?

$150M to the CSIRO including $40M to the McGrath Foundation Breast Care Nurse Program.

It is all pencilled in!

So far that is an estimated $8.57B of his and Friedbrain’s $16B war chest in just 2 months.

There are probably 3 months to go, assuming he chooses not to save the furniture. He is not getting much electoral bounce for his buck.

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