Governments are elected because they win a majority on the floor of the house.

This means they are able to pass legislation they bring forward. The Opposition do not have the numbers to defeat the Government’s ambitions. That is what being in Government means. That is why we, the electorate, vote.

Today we heard our elected Prime Minister, leader of the majority party in the Parliament, complain that he could not bring his long promised Integrity Bill before the house because the Opposition did not like it and would oppose it.

Let me run that past my rather incredulous mind again.

The Elected Government cannot bring itself to bring forward a Bill the Opposition opposes. Despite that being the constitutional role of the OPPOSITION! It is there to OPPOSE, to hold the Government to account.

Yet Scott Morrison feels so threatened by the numerically inferior Opposition that he will not bring forward legislation if that Opposition doesn’t approve of it..

Surely this has to be the strangest action by a democratically elected Prime Minister EVER!

Scott Morrison has set a precedent here.

He now can only bring forward legislation which the Opposition approves.

Does this mean we now have an ALP Government in disguise? A Coalition Opposition sitting on the Treasury benches?

In all the years I have watched politics in Australia, I have NEVER seen a Prime Minister hand power to his opponents so clearly; so obviously; so blatantly.

No wonder the ALP is holding its policies close to their chest. It is now obvious that anything they may let slip will be taken up as Coalition policy and then the ALP will be blamed for suggesting it in the first place.

Morrison will whimper, ‘The ALP made me do it!’

And Australia will cringe, listen and read the Murdoch take on National Affairs, then vote Morrison back into a power he is terrified of using.


  1. A superlative observation!

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