I am hearing more and more that Anthony Albanese and the ALP should be screaming to the rafters about the shortcomings of our pitiful Prime Minister. And I agree.

He is very much the invisible man in Australian politics. I have seen nothing in the Mainstream print, radio or TV media. As far as they are concerned, he does not exist.

What we hear about is that Wonder Man who does not lie or leak messages or information. The one who cooks curries, supports the Sharkies and listens to Jen. And the one who has saved us from the ravages of Covid-19 by organising all the vaccines. Eventually. Not that timelines are ever mentioned. They do not exist in the world where Super Scomo rules. Once the announcement has been made no further action is required. Any questions about the matters are brushed off with a reference to the announcement.

All of this is mentioned on front pages, in TV and radio headlines and on late night Fox TV. There is no room left for anything Albo or his team says. And they have been saying plenty. So why don’t we hear any of his statements, thoughts and ideas? Because it doesn’t suit the media moguls.

The reporters, the journalists have been replaced, to a large extent by opinionistas. Paid for from the seemingly bottomless pockets of those media moguls and their advertising big business clients. It would be bad business to upset these cash cows.

The course many ALP supporters would like their preferred party to take would have Albo and his team shouting their ideas into a vast sound-swallowing bowl. The LNP would be able to pick up all those ideas which resonate with the general electorate and then claim them as their own policies. And we know how honestly the IPA errr LNP treat their election promises.

The only time the ALP is able to get anything like equal time in the Media is after an election has been called. Those special 33 days where everyone is trying to turn off from ‘This bloody election!’

That is the only time Albo, Penny, Tanya and Tony will be able to spread their ideas. The only time they will be able to negate the nine year propaganda campaign which has been run on behalf of all those corrupt foxes who are in charge of the hen house we live in.

So, as people who really want a change from the corruption and evil which passes for our Government, we need to seek out Albo’s Twitter account (@AlboMP), his website (anthonyalbanese.com.au) his Facebook page (Anthony Albanese) and read more Guardian and less News Ltd!

Retweet him, share his Facebook posts, spread the ALP message.

Be a part of the solution, not a part of the problem.

One response to “ON BEING HEARD

  1. Spot on. Hard to be heard when the press wears Murdoch ear plugs.


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