Morrison, Poised Over a Watershed

I think there is a sense that this is a watershed moment for Ali Morrison and his gang of forty thieves.

The press conference held by Christian Porter, redacted AG of this Parish, entitled to many things by birth and education, emphasised that he is also entitled to the presumption of innocence.

I am a follower of a number of Left Wing Facebook groups and a Twitter reader. On both platforms i saw a huge increase in discussion, not only of Porter, but also of the position of the Prime Minister. Adding to the discussion is the apparent willingness of the News Corp media outlets to discuss the matters relating to Linda Reynolds, ‘She is a lying cow’ and Christian Porter. Both are currently on medical leave from their jobs.

It would seem that there is pressure on Scott Morrison to ‘Do something’. Alternatively, in the background, pulling strings, sherpening knives, there is a ‘lean and hungry man’ preparing for the Ides of March.

Yet whatever is happening in the background there seems to be a widespread mood, on both sides of the political fence, that Morrison must go.

The hope on the Right is that only a small number of Coalition Members are involved and that only those few will be removed from the Front Bench in a potentially neat little spill.

The hope on the Left is that those forty thieves will go with the current leadership.

Will the fourth non-election leadership change in the Liberal Party be fatal for Conservative politics? The reaction on both public and mainstream media seems to indicate that it will be.

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