Winning Elections

In the November Presidential election, ‘Orange Man Bad’ worked.

The equivalent here would be ‘Morrison cruel’.

We have seen what putting policies out does. The Murdoch insanity will find ways to re-label any policy, destroy any credibility.

Do NOT give Murdoch and his corrupt mates the chance to create the rumours of a carbon tax or a death tax. That is fatal.

And winning is all. The only way to be able to do anything for Australia is to beat this corrupt mis-Government! Concentrate on destroying Morrison and the rest of his cabinet falls with him.

The ALP has an ingrained sense of playing the ball and not the man. Now is the time to play the man and pick up the ball after the man has been put out of the game.

Once the Left holds power is the time to find policies!

One response to “Winning Elections

  1. But seriously now, look at what is left of the left. Bert Shortme, was so thoroughly annointed by saintly Hawkish leaders and even total Beazleyed serial losers from days past, yet he pulled up well short of expectation and disappointment resulted. It should’ve been clear, but no lesson was learned, voters did not want a climate hoax touting trade union apparatchik destroying our way of life because, hey socialist ideology is so 1989 in 2021. Also many were disturbed by the fact he was doing it with the Governor General’s daughter. It left a hard to describe feeling of ickiness. For me it brings on analogous flashes of 1975, what if Junie Morosi had taken one for the team and bedded Kerr. Or Margaret Whitlam? i’s all a little perverse.

    Shortme’s successor – Replacement Reflexive Experimental Elbow (RREE) is an enthusiastic but slightly tragic figure, whose mid life crisis, in true soviet style resulted in his rather hot looking wife’s shock walk-out, forcing the Experimental Elbow to engage in a significant trade-down. Hard to respect a man like that, he’s just a seat warmer, but for whom? Toldya Plebe-in-a-sack proved she is far too lovely to lead Government. Of all the others, the pariah, Joe Funky McGibbon appears to be the sole practitioner of the ancient art of electorate whispering…Unlike the mob, Funky McGibbon hears loud and clear that voters are wide awake to the climate hoax and will enact cruel punishment for policies that perpetuate it.

    What Funky McGibbon hasn’t worked out yet, is that after the abuse experienced at the hands of the States and their COVID measures in 2020, voters will be very receptive to sentences containing the words “Bill of Rights” and “Civil society must protect peoples rights, even in an emergency like a pandemic”. The pollie who gets out in front of this issue will be the big winner in 2021-2023. Because, rest assured, the public are going to work out very soon that there is a thin line between imprisonment and freedom and their fate largely depends on whether they have a tyrant premier heading a Labor State Government. That penny will drop and when it does, there will be a lot of angry voters and Labor pollies bleating about climate will deservedly get twice the punishment… But stupidity prevails and I guess loyalty to their string pullers who demand these pollies act against voters interests by eliminating our fast diminishing freedoms and rights and continue to consolidate power in the state and the Corporation.


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