I looked at the attached, poorly photoshopped, image tweeted out by the Chinese Government today.

My mind goes back to the horrendous cartoons published in the German press demonising the Jewish people in the 1930’s. They prepared the ground for what eventually became WW2.

Now it is Australians who are being demonised by the Chinese. It could be seen as an opportunistic addition to the Trade War which is currently being waged on Australia in retaliation for our Trump-supporting Prime Minister’s demands for investigations into the origins of the COVID-19 virus.

We have been told in no uncertain terms not to interfere in China’s internal affairs. Yet here we are. At the first opportunity, China not only interferes in Australia’s internal affairs but also sets about portraying ALL Australians as child murdering monsters. Yet any mention of the Uyghur or Tibetan genocides must not be mentioned because it hasn’t happened and anyway it is an internal Chinese matter.

It is hard to avoid the feeling that China would find Australia, a vital source of both raw materials and high quality agricultural products, much easier to deal with if it was just another province of the Chinese hegemony.

Cruel cartoons and inhuman images were used during WW1, the Boer War and the Napoleonic Wars. They have probably been used in most wars throughout human history. The composite image of the ‘enemy’ in the mind of a nation is what allows a Ruler to convince those people to slaughter ‘the enemy’.

Australians are currently being demonised by China.

I wonder just what will the conquest of Australia be called in the history books of 2120?


  1. Spot on. Exactly my thoughts as well. Except I hadn’t thought about demonizing cartoons preceding prior wars but fears of current war and invasion
    had me wondering if we were heading for “Tomorrow when the War Began.” Maybe that is now prophecy not fantasy by John Marsden.


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