A Tale of Two Slogans

I am sorry if this affects you badly. Memories of past atrocities can be offensive.

It is meant as a warning, as a sombre reflection on what is happening in our society today. Concentration camps did not begin with gas chambers (The British started them during the Napoleonic Wars) Yet the carelessness for human life grew as the camps became commonplace in The Nazi Empire.

That carelessness for human life is beginning to show in our Australian society.

In the Refugee ‘facilities’, in our ‘care’ for the unemployed, in our Aged Care ‘Homes’, . Unless we, as a nation rise up and say, ‘ALL our people are valuable. All humans have worth.‘ then we are committing our nation to a path which I dare not contemplate.

They imprisoned the Refugees and I said nothing because I was not a refugee.

They forced the unemployed into crime, prostitution and drugs but I said nothing because I was employed.

They imprisoned the aged in understaffed, underfunded institutions and starved them but I said nothing because I was not old. But I accidentally lived long enough and the Old caught up with me!


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