Weapons of War

Throughout the history of mankind, wars have been fought and often won by the army with better weapons. Rocks were superseded by spears and then spears were superseded by bows and arrows. Firstly there were long bows, followed by crossbows.

One King developed a weapon which could fire a hundred arrows at a time. It seemed a good idea on paper, a Hellish weapon, frightening in the extreme. Sadly it failed when it came to being used. It had a range of just over twenty paces. Far from creating terror on the battlefield, it was easily over run as it took longer to reload than it took the enemy to cross 20 paces.

One of the King’s courtiers disappeared from the castle for several months and when he returned he was arrested on sight for desertion. Hauled before the King, he pleaded for his life. He explained that he now had invented a new style of bowstring.

‘What is the use of that?’ thundered the King. ‘I need you here on the battlefield!’

The courier replied, ‘This new string will increase the range of your new bow. It is super stretchy and very very strong. It will give more power to your Hell Bow.’


One response to “Weapons of War

  1. Good to see that you’re still punning like a champ, Archie!


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