War, Glorious War!

Since the 1970’s I have been against war, yet have realised that the individuals involved ‘On the ground’ are rarely there for the glory or the kudos of later generations. They were, are and will be, being used by the leaders of Nations whose aims are not those of the people killing and being killed.

Whether conscripted, forced into service by a need for some, any, employment or tempted in by the carrot of a higher education, all are indoctrinated with the myth of patriotism.

What dismays me is that we elect or allow our leaders to callously send these young people to be killed, maimed and driven insane, yet expect them to be caring and generous when it comes to caring for our sick, aged, unemployed and other members of our society.

It seems that to be a leader one needs to have no care for the people being led!


Sadly, we DO forget!

2 responses to “War, Glorious War!

  1. Marilyn Shepherd

    We certainly do forget.

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