The NCCC. Australia’s New Government.

You know the NCCC. The Government we all elected. The one with Twiggy Forrest’s head honcho, Nifty Nev Power, as its leader?

Oh? You don’t know the NCCC?  Well, it is the ‘National COVID-19 Coordination Commission‘ which Wikipedia helpfully tells us not to confuse with the ‘National Cabinet.

And Twiggy Forrest? We all know him! He is the person behind the Indue Card.

But back to our ruling Government. Carefully chosen for us by our leaders whoever they may be at the moment. The IPA or the  Hillsong Peadophile Protection Church?  I joke. Of course, it is the IPA!

This Commission has an interesting membership and even includes Greg Combet, noted ex-Minister for Industry in an ALP Government of nearly a decade ago as the token bi-partisan member.

Also worth noting is the presence of Gaetjens from the PM’s department and of Mike Pezzullo, the notorious Secretary to the Dutton Gestapo.

No doubt the NCCC has been very busy in the back rooms of our Government, carefully avoiding scrutiny.

They have issued 3, Three, count them, THREE announcements, since March 25.

That is their public face. What else have they done behind closed doors? No one knows.  We have always known that our Prime Minister ( Scott Morrison) is simple a salesman for those who pull his puppet strings. Now those puppeteers have moved into the Office of the Prime Minister (Scott Morrison) and so the strings are now much shorter and control is much enhanced.

So what has happened to our Government since this Commission was created?

Parliament has stopped sitting so we are now being governed without oversight. There is no question time. No public review of the directives being passed down to the general population. And no journalist asks the obvious questions because they are all so dazzled by the glittering Corona Virus that all the losses of freedom, all the changes to Industrial Law, all the additions to Police Powers merge with the background and are ignored.

The single most important unasked question is, ‘How often do Governments give back power they have taken?’

This entire situation is, no doubt, all the wet dreams of the IPA cum at once.


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