After COVID-19

I have been noting the excellent coverage by the ABC of the current COVID-19 pandemic. It has been comprehensive and, with the help of Dr Norman Swan, understandable.

There is one area in which it can be improved.

Yes, we need to know ‘new cases’.  Sadly, their continued use of the term ‘total infected’ is a misnomer because some have recovered and are now, theoretically ‘immune’.

The ABC could improve and add a column to their COVID-19 statistics.  We need to know how many have recovered! They are the herd who will protect us with Herd Immunity.

They are also the cohort which would make a very good source for nurses, carers, hospital cleaners, meals-on-wheels people and other front-line workers.

No longer able to be infected, sensible use of sanitising would allow them to do many of the tasks for which non-immune people require so much protection.

Obviously not all recovered COVID-19 patients would be interested in doing caring work but a reasonable percentage will be and they should be fast-tracked into those very necessary roles.

In this time of crisis, we need to use every resource at our disposal to lift our nation back to some form of normality.

2 responses to “After COVID-19

  1. Yes! and the “total cases” should be “total cases recorded” – because we are not doing extensive testing, at least not in the US. i know 2 people who probably had it (symptoms match, living in or near ‘hot spots’), but are unable to get tested because of the shortage of tests. Agree that we are potentially going to have to rally that ‘recovered’ corps to do meal delivery, etc.

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