Canberra – Home and Away

The current Rorts Scandal and its political fallout just became as complicated as the lives on Summer Bay.

With #ScottyfromMarketing looking to convince Bridget to resign so that he can claim there is no corruption (Keep your head down, Angus) in his Government, Pete, the local potato suddenly found his way back into the plot after a long absence spent avoiding the heat.

He has come out supporting the poor embattled Summer Bay pin-up and her hairdresser and so set the scene for further developments.

Will Scummo convince Bridget to leave town or will the Potato get his way and she will hold onto her job, to rort another day?

If the Potato is successful, will it be a sign that he has the numbers to have #ScottyfromMarketing sacked (again) from his position as Mayor of the Bay?

Don’t miss next week’s episodes where a climax will again be avoided in the interests of keeping the audience riveted to the happenings at Summer Bay and not glancing sideways at the Fire Storms, Stolen Water or the Tanking Economy.


In Oz we’ve Galahs by the brood.
These parroting pollies, votes wooed.
We’ve had our elections,
I’ve lost my erections!
I’d rather be screwing than screwed!

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