Jacqui, Medevac and Thoughts. But No Prayers.

So, Jacqui, you got dudded!

Your protestations about ‘National Security’ have painted you into a corner. By simply denying that there is a deal, Cormann has thrown you under a bus. As he has done to others in the past.

Having been bitten once by this collection of serial deceivers, you can show your disgust for their behaviour by never voting with them again. There must be a limit to how many times you can be fooled by them. Have they finally burnt up all their credibility with you?

Although I noted your tearful reaction to the vote yesterday and am wondering if there were real negotiations with the Government. Or was it a case of Senatorial Violence?

Has the Dutton Department of Enforcement found something in your past and are threatening you with it?

If they have, then it is blackmail and Crime Stoppers are your friend. Their number is here.

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