Australia Is Better Than This.

We keep hearing this said as our national freedoms, as our national reputation, as our remembrance of the fair go are all flushed down the gurgler by this Government of selfish, avaricious cowards.

Yet that mythical past we bemoan losing was not real. What was bad but swept under the carpet is now out in the open. That which was good is now being destroyed.

The fair go for everyone. Ok, It was a nice feel-good thing. Just so long as we ignored the wars on indigenous people, the White Australia Policy and the denigration of Boongs, Wogs, Krauts, Eyties, Chinks and Reffos. (Sorry for the Grand-dad-speak) Yes, there was a fair go. But it was only for white men. Real people. Not those foreigners. Even playing ‘Ping-Pong’ was a crime if you were Chinese.

Australia had a reputation as progressive, caring nation. We gave the vote to women early, we set up a social security net for the unemployed and the elderly, we had a free education system. Our industrial system was fair to workers in weekends, holidays, fair pay for a fair day’s work and sick leave. Our economy did not see that as a burden and our nation boomed. We were among the first to join the United Nations, among the leaders in international Refugee policy, our national leaders were respected, whichever side of politics they came from.
Now all those progressive and caring parts of the Australian way of life are gone or on the verge of going. We are about to become a pariah nation in the Climate Wars. We already have concentration camps.

We keep hearing that the Terrorists have not won yet where is that magical casualness which was a hallmark of our society? Where is the freedom to jump on a plane to travel from city to city? Where is the freedom to walk over the lawns on top of Parliament House. Where is the freedom to associate with like minded people going?

How many people have died from terrorism in Australia? And how many people have died because of avaricious employers failing to protect their employees? Yet the industrial action happening now is to shut down the Unions.

No, none of what we claim as Australia’s superior moral positions were really true.

It is just that we are now being brought face to face with our National Ugliness by the political choices we have made.

Yet Australia is getting better. At last we are acknowledging the evil in our National Soul.

Sadly, we are celebrating it.

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