No Longer a Laughing Matter

My reaction to senseless and incompetent power is to laugh at it. To disbelieve in its permanence. To trust my fellow Australians to make fun of these ultimate tall poppies and to cut them down to size. To use satire as a weapon.

Yet the results of the recent Australian elections have shown me, and many others, that political life is no longer normal. Obvious lies, corruption and incompetence are now not only recognised but accepted and voted for. An attempt to offer inclusion, truth and repair was rejected out of hand.

I seem to have lost my sense of humour, my view that if we laugh at these Banana Republicans, we will defeat them. Satire has been outdone by reality, in so much of the western world.

Frustrated reader, it is not only you who is starved of inspiration. On Twitter and Facebook, where, in the past I found so many posts with a satiric twist, the inspiration has dried up. This is going to be a hard three years. I am also starved of the required ideas and am reduced to homicidal rants.

I have always said (well since 1975) that democracy is a dictatorship of a very small majority. That is now being shown in spades all over the Western World.

Many are asking questions about what we can actually do to fix the sorry state of Australia’s governance. I can see nothing which can legally be done.

Writing letters or sending emails is satisfying in a small way but effectively useless. Taking to the streets is a limited action. A spot of genuine, murderous anarchy is something we can privately hope for yet not publicly condone.

We are being reduced to the level of serfs and slaves; a situation which never ends well for the civilisation which goes down this path.

What follows is not a threat or a call to arms. It is a simple prediction based on history. Because we have seen what happens when the oppressed reach a state of complete desperation. In Russia, in France, in China and much more recently, in the Arab Spring.

The current leadership of our nation will probably escape the capital punishment they deserve by growing old faster than the revolution grows. But their replacements are going to feel the wrath of all who have been starved and humiliated.

The lucky ones will suffer through show trials. Those who are less lucky will find a gory doom in their offices and in the streets. And many who are functionally innocent will also suffer because they have chosen to profit from the evil and not spoken out against it.

Just as they always do in a revolution.


3 responses to “No Longer a Laughing Matter

  1. i’m right there with you… i’ve been shocked into near numbness. letters, emails and calls to my elected representatives fall on seemingly deaf ears. history says that you are right – and that there’s only one way for a wave of populism to end. buckle up…

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  2. Learned Helplessness is a common psychological ploy
    used by gaslighters when manipulating their victims. Seems that all the narcissist ‘ leaders’ on the RIGHT side of world politics. are creating populations of Helpless Victims who have no redress to the sinister happenings on our planet. We all seem to be wandering around throwing our hands in the air saying”But what can we do about it all?”
    I thought comedy relief might work but we can’t find the funny-ness in life these days. Black comedy writing has got me through many low times in my life but like you, I can only find the ‘black’ and no ‘comedy’

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