A Discussion on Ethics.

For nearly a century there has been an often asked question in ethics classes and philosophical discussions.

Should someone have killed/murdered/assassinated Adolph Hitler before he could cause the death of millions of fellow human beings?

Many people chose to answer that question one way, many others the other way.

Today we appear to be facing a very similar problem. Although there are differences.

Hitler was a rogue event similar to Isaac Azimov’s ‘Mule’ in the ‘Foundation’ series. Today, with the advent of the Internet and its ability to surveil and to disseminate the ability of a few to control and the many to notice and discuss that control, we do have a different situation.

We know it is not a single rogue causing the damage this time. There are money men like the Oil Bros, like Mediaorc, like the cyber billionaires, like maybe another dozen who hide in the background. We know they have bought and paid-for puppets like an Orange fool, like a loud-mouthed, self-centred Pom, like a failed salesman who was fired for fraud and has spent all his time since holding positions where he can shut up anyone who knows the truth.

So the number of targets has increased but the same ethical discussion needs to be had.

Are the lives of those few oligarchs and trendsetting corrupt politicians worth more or less than the lives of the several Billion who will die as the planet becomes unfriendly?

As the Earth becomes polluted with the trash; solid, liquid and gaseous, which they are encouraging us to leave in our wake.

This is an ethical problem we need to wrestle with into the foreseeably short future.

Then again no matter how much we discuss the ethics, nothing will stop a determined individual who cares not for ethics.

And maybe he will be the most ethical of all.

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