Awaiting the Dutton Coup!

We may just have lived through and cast our votes in the final Federal election for the Australian Government.

On election night I was bitterly disappointed and fearful for my country when I saw the way the voting had gone. I feared there would be another three years of destruction before we, as Australians, could take back the reins of Government from the hands of the multinationals, corrupt go-getters and spivs we have allowed to govern us for the past six years.

I joked about the landmines the Government had set up for an incoming ALP Government. I saw the first as a refugee boat with 20 people on board made it to Christmas Island. And then another intercepted off the Sri Lankan coast. Adding to the obvious landmines was the Reserve Bank’s reduction in interest rates. Had the ALP been in power, this would be a major talking point in the gutter press which has largely been reduced to publishing Coalition press releases. Then the Chinese warship visit. Enough said. There were enough incendiary events to blow a new Government out of the water.

All as expected and anticipated. I had a private chuckle to myself about the fact that the accidentally re-elected Coalition would now have to deal with the fall-out. I did NOT anticipate that the Mainstream Media, including the ABC, would be able to totally ignore these events. Social media has had a half-hearted attempt to call the Government out but have been largely ignored.

Then things took an unexpected turn. News outlets began to be raided by the AFP. A number of journalists have been targeted; some of their up-line supervisors have been targeted. The Government, through the AFP, has not only drawn a line in the sand but has deliberately struck fear into the heart of every honest journalist in the nation.

The issued warrants allow the AFP to “add, copy, delete or alter,” material in the ABC’s computers. The AFP is now allowed to alter any record they deem fit. Rewriting history as they trample on our few remaining freedoms. Of course this was in that really-rushed-through Security Bill late last year. We noticed it, did what we could but accepted that an ALP Government would sort out the worst excesses.

Instead we have both Dutton and Morrison out of the country as the raids on the media take place and neither have seen anything wrong in what is happening. In fact Morrison is very up front in his approval of having the laws of the country upheld. Dutton clings to the line that he knows nothing and that everything is at arms length! Meanwhile the porcine air traffic increases!

In actual fact, Morrison needs to worry. The head of the biggest security department Australia has ever seen appears to be flexing his muscles. He had one attempt at the Nation’s leadership and was not at all happy when it failed. A second attempt may be in the offing.

Peter Dutton seems to be putting in place a major coup. Not a ‘coup’ as we Aussies have joked about in the past but a COUP! The sort we see happening overseas! The sort of coup which removes the need for problematic elections and sometimes occur with bloodshed and imprisonments. Dutton has the manpower, the firepower and the ambition to overthrow an elected Government!

The real question is whether Dutton is prepared to rule from behind the buffoon or if he wants the glory of leadership.

Scott Morrison is on VERY shaky ground.

And so is my country.

4 responses to “Awaiting the Dutton Coup!

  1. I couldn’t agree more!

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  2. I am ever the optimist. *Maybe* this is enough for Australians to finally open their eyes? Realistically, a lot of us were going to be stuffed under another conservative government (me included), so if it’s going to happen maybe it needs to *really* happen? I’d rather there wasn’t an actual COUP, mind you, but in the very least I’d love it if Dutton at least tried.

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