Evil, Greedy Bastards Party

Cognitive Dissonance is a form of brain disorder in which one holds a view opposed to reality.

It creates confusion and mental pain.

We are confronted with the reality of Cognitive Dissonance every day.

We on the Left are proud of our liberal thinking. Of believing everyone deserves dignity. Of wanting a fair go for the poorest as well as the richest Australians. Of a belief in equality. Of a desire to help our fellow humans.

Then there is the Liberal Party. They put forward policies which sound very similar to those of the Left. Yet somehow, the effects are the exact opposite.

This leads to severe cases of Cognitive Dissonance among the members of that Liberal Party. From its leadership, down through the officials and further down to the rank and file.

We are being governed by people who are suffering a severe mental dysfunction. They are suffering because they are pretending to be something they are not.

All the problems could be solved very simply. Remove the cause of the Cognitive Dissonance. Remove the false label of Liberal from the Liberal Party.

Rename the Liberal Party.

To the ‘Evil, Greedy Bastards Party.’

2 responses to “Evil, Greedy Bastards Party

  1. Yes. Truth in advertising & naming something what it is needs to apply here.


  2. Think you are being a bit generous Archie


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