Coalition Vandalism

There is no quick fix to six years of vandalism by this government.

Vandalism to the NDIS,
Vandalism to Social Security
Vandalism to the NBN
Vandalism to Asylum Seekers
Vandalism to Wages
Vandalism to the Environment
Vandalism to slowing Climate Change
Vandalism to the Tax System
Vandalism to the National debt
Vandalism to our Freedom
Vandalism to our rivers
Vandalism to the Democracy of Australia
Vandalism to the Unions
Vandalism to our Privacy
Vandalism to our Health System
Vandalism to our Public assets
Vandalism to Education
Vandalism to our Hospitals
Vandalism to our Power System
Vandalism to our ABC & SBS
Vandalism to our Homeless
Vandalism to our water supplies through Fracking

With the best will in the world, no alternative Government is going to be able to fix all of this vandalism in a single term of Government. It will take at least three terms.

By 2030, providing we have been able to remove the Murdoch influence, we may be, again, the nation of mateship and the fair go!

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