Food Fit For Sydney’s Birthday

Just in time for the 23rd edition of John Howard’s Sydney’s Birthday party, a Karratha deli owner has come up with a truly patriotic dish. One which may encourage the rest of Australia to join in Sydney’s celebrations.


Photo: ABC Online News

Brad Parsons has created the new pie to celebrate half of our coat of arms and one of our favourite beverages.

While the emus are ridgy didge West Aussie birds, the beer, first created on the banks of the Swan River in 1908, is no longer brewed in Western Australia.

Mr Parsons told Rebecca Parish of the ABC that the recipe was not exactly a secret, but he kept tight lipped on the measurements. “The ratios are secret, but there’s emu meat, there’s actually a fair bit of [beer] in there,” he said. “It’s not overpowering [but] the balancing items being carrots, celery, peas and onion, which are all quite sweet, so they take off the gamey-ness of that meat.

“So it tastes very normal, there’s gravy powder and a few extra little things.

There were unasked questions which your blogger would like answered.

Will the Prime Minister pro tem be offered a taste?

Are the beers free range or cage raised?

Are there plans to create a full Coat of Arms ‘n Beer Pie?

Is off-the-shelf sauce suitable or should we create our own bush tomato sauce?


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