The Morrison Stamp

During early January Scott Morrison, Prime Minister pro tem  deciding to call a snap election for Australia in March.  At the same time his Party, in their Menzies House offices were analysing the latest polling.

The results were very, very discouraging. A brainstorming session was called. Any ideas to improve the popularity of the PM were to be welcomed.

One of the IPA interns diffidently suggested that, with Australia Day coming up  perhaps the trick would be to put Morrison’s face on a special Australia Day stamp.

This seemed a great idea and so Australia Post were contacted and a great photo of Scott Morrison was found, some sample stamps printed off and quick round of market research carried out.

Severe and unexpected problems were found with the adhesive. The stamps would not stay on the envelopes.

Urgent research was carried out and the problem was found.

No one was licking the sticky side of the stamp. Instead they were spitting on the image.


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