Bill Shorten is NOT God!

We Sandgropers are still in recovery mode from a dark decade of Colin Barnett who faded into a miasma of megalomania and senility from which we are yet to recover. We have found out something the rest of Australia will find out after the next Federal Election.

What a Government does, especially an evil Government, takes a long time to unravel!

What faces Bill?

A new Governor General, appointed just before the Election for five years. Another Military man, good at following orders. But whose orders? The orders of those who appointed him. The Liberal/IPA Coven of Satan. His shadow will fall across two terms of an ALP Government.

As many IPA members as possible appointed to all Government and semi-Government boards, all for either three of five years. . And when they run out of IPA members, any stray HR Nicholls’ Society members found wandering will be given gratuitous appointments! All planned to provide as much interference as possible for a reforming Government. It will take until near the end of a second term before the ALP has clear air to pursue its reforms.

The financial mess left by this Government of incompetents will haunt Australia for much of the next decade. Again, this will be a major stopper for many of the reforms wanted by an incoming Labor Government. This IPA-led Liberal Government has more than doubled the national debt by reducing taxes for the rich and reducing social security for the poor; increasing subsidies for the multinationals who are raping our countryside and increasing penalties on the most vulnerable individuals in our ‘Commonwealth’! Any attempt by Bill Shorten to correct this imbalance will be met with claims of financial incompetence.

So those are the problems an incoming ALP Government will face. Arriving with a new vision, a new set of objectives, Bill’s team will be faced with many hurdles which will require dismantling before they can begin to improve our nation. Hurdles deliberately put in place by this evil collaboration of the IPA, the Liberal Party and a rag-tag collection of agrarian socialist whores.

This will be compounded 100 days after being sworn in by the beginning of the “Things Shorten promised and failed to carry out!’ in all the Murdoch influenced media.

Bill Shorten is NOT a God. He is a human who will be tied to a system set in place to limit the amount of good he can do. It seems this Government is resigned to being in opposition for two terms. Their aim will be to return to power in the third term from now, before the ALP is able to do very much at all. Our aim must be to ensure that third term comes to pass for the ALP!

Any accidental good this Government has done will be lost in its demise.

The bad will live on!

2 responses to “Bill Shorten is NOT God!

  1. It’s a long hard road ahead, but the road is wide, many little avenues have been put in place for Labor to succeed. With the help of the Greens, backbenchers & independents, even IPA will have trouble stopping a progressive & democratic government.


  2. neville mc donald

    if push comes to shove he can always pay out these liberal lackies that the liberals have appointed to every detr and board


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