ScumChum’s Faux Federal ICAC

We have now seen our Expert Prime Minister do yet another back flip and after saying ever since he was ‘elected’ that there was no need for a federal ICAC he suddenly announces a proposed ICAC which he now claims has been being prepared for at least twelve months.

And guess what.

It specifically excludes the past. And it is to hold its hearings in secret.

Christopher Pyne appeared on television last night explaining how wrong retrospectivity is in this area. And how wrong public exposure of the people involved being held up to public scrutiny before there is an actual court case. How unfair it is to have people dragged through the public gaze before they are actually charged.

How noble. How altruistic. How generous.

We shall not mention the Royal Commissions into Unions, into Child Abuse, the ICAC into Eddie Obeid et al.

All of which were held in public and many witnesses were claimed to be guilty. And then either not charged or not found guilty.

But that was different.




One response to “ScumChum’s Faux Federal ICAC

  1. Right on Archie. All the integrity of a ‘my word is my bond’ statement fromJohn Howard


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