A Day Dream

The recent Victorian Election sent my mind off on a daydreaming journey.

We have seen the Liberals and their foolish coalition partners fail in elections before. They have always, so far, bounced back.

Yet what if these events, first in Queensland, then in W.A. and now in Victoria, coupled with the bare wins in Tasmania and South Australia, really do signify a watershed. A time when the political climate change of demographics has an effect in Australian politics.

The rural elector is beginning to trust the independent rural woman over the rural party man. The election of Karen Phelps could be a city-based outlier or it could be another harbinger. Every centre-right independent elected weakens the Liberal/National Coalition as we know it.

If these events are signposts for the future, what would the results be?

Could it be that the old paradigm of capital versus labour is about to change into a new vision of the Environmentalists versus the Workers with the discredited capitalists suddenly powerless as the people ignore their political posturing and remember their destruction of our climate and the world in which we live..

Will there come a time when the Greens and Labor are the major parties with clearly defined differences and clearly defined policies?

Perhaps the friction and hatred between the Greens and Labor we see at a grassroots level is simply from a premonition. A premonition that these are the two parties of the future.

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