The Bloke in the Pub #15

I wandered down to my local today. First time in a few years.
He was still there, me mate. The Bloke in the Pub.
Still with plenty to say about life and politics.

Hiya, Ærch. Good to see you again. Here, have a VB. It’s been a while. We’ve been through a few PM’s since I last saw you. But this one has to be the worst ever. He thinks in bubbles.

At least he doesn’t tweet like that fool on America. See his daughter has done a Hillary but quite innocently according to her Dad. And he wants to send most of the reporters in America to Saudi Arabia so his mate can deal with them.

Pity he still won’t accept Climate Change but then he makes his money destroying things. A shame he is destroying our grandkids world.

Fires and hurricanes and flooding will be what he leaves the world. As well as a power vacuum which China is going to fill. That yellow horde our great grandfathers were terrified of is about to flood the world. Has to happen only one person in five is that mythical ‘white’ we are always being told should rule the world.

Then those stupid Poms. Who’d’a thought they would set out to destroy their country so effectively. That European Union has kept the peace longer in Europe than any peace settlement or surrender in the past thousand years. Now the stupid Poms have forgotten that everyone in Europe is their natural enemy. Just like those stupid anti vaxxers we keep hearing about. Because they haven’t seen the damage those diseases do, they reckon that what saves us must be bad. Sometimes I shake my head in despair!

*I nodded in agreement and bought my round*

Thanks, Ærch, at least VB stays the same even if we keep changing everything around it. But bloody good to see that Collingwood lost the grand final this year. Those bloody Victorians are voting today. They had better keep their Government in power. That Guy guy is a little bit suss if you ask me. Got some strange friends.

Pity about Turnbull being dumped. He was starting to grow on me. Still a toffee-nosed wanker but you knew where you were with him. This new bloke. He is all over the place like a rabid dog’s froth! Says one thing, like cutting funding to food bank people who save the Government far more than they cost it and saying it is set in stone. Next day he changes his mind. Must have bloody soft rocks over there in Cronulla.

That Abbott idiot is still spouting his idiocy. No climate change, more coal, no abortions, no same sex marriage. It was the same last time I saw you. I’ve been trying to remember. I think Julia Gillard was still PM last time you dropped in.

And that grubby Dutton chap. Wants to take over the whole country. Take away citizenship now. Not on. He’s on a total power trip. Still what can you expect from a Queensland copper. They’ve all been crooked for a hundred years. Should be a lesson for all of us. Do not elect a copper to run the Government. Actually, looking at the Queensland Liberals it would be good not to elect ANY of them! Christensen, Canavan, Mrs O’Sullivan. Then there are all those nutters up there. Katter and Anning and the arch-nutter Hanson. The list goes on. What a hopeless crowd they are.

*I nodded*

How can a Rhodes Scholar be as stupid as he is? His entire life can be summed up in a one word slogan. ‘NO!’

Oh yes, that’s another one. That Barnaby fool. He drinks far too much and never makes any sense at all. Roots anything in sight and screws the country while he does it. The red-faced git should just retire before he has his inevitable heart attack. Have you seen how red he gets in the face when he is on a rant?

How’s your bank doing in the Royal Commission? Mine is down the tube. Most of the Board will probably end up inside. Except no shiny-bum ever ends up in jail. They pay a fine which does not come out of their pocket and they go back to ripping us off. That has been the rule since forever. The bastards are untouchable.

Oh look, is THAT the time? I have to get home to cook dinner for the missus tonight. Garlic prawns tonight. I’ll have to pick up something white to go with them. Maybe a Sav Blank. She likes that. Hey, good to see you again, Ærch, don’t be a stranger. We have a lot to catch up on. Go the Dockers. Seeya mate.

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